UVAFLEX® U0800 Laminating Adhesive

UVAFLEX® U0800 Laminating Adhesive

With the UVAFLEX® U0800 Laminating Adhesive we present a UV curing adhesive for inline foil-lamination on reel-to-reel presses. The adhesive is applied with a flexo printing unit. UVAFLEX® U0800 does not contain optical brighteners.


Technical Information

Product Details

Technical Data
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Film – Paper Plastic Coated – Paper Coated
Printing Process Flexo – Lacquering Unit
Press Performance High Reactivity
Surface Properties Cured Ink Low Odour – Adhesion Optimized
Further Processing Laminating (Glue)
Application Folded Box – Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Non-Food
Market Packaging – Labels