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Top quality OPP film

For food packaging, flower wrapping and for labels.

OPP stands for Oriented Polypropylene film. It is a widely used material in food packaging, flower wrapping and for labels.

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film and its properties are slightly different to those of OPP film. BOPP excels in its fine clarity, temperature resistance, strength and barrier properties. It is also available in a wide assortment relative to thickness and surface qualities.

Which means that anywhere you can use OPP, you can also use BOPP – just with a better result!

Top quality raw materials

BOPP film from ScandiSales is always produced using raw materials from the same producer to guarantee consistently high quality and ensure there are no discrepancies in the finished product from one consignment to the next. This is enforced by countless checks and random testing.

Our chosen producer is innovative and always receptive to resolving specific issues and exploring usage potentials. This dialogue between producer and end-user is especially important to ensure the constant development and improvement of our products.

Warehouse and in-house cutting division

To ensure prompt delivery of your order, we stock a large range of BOPP films. Not only do we store various films ranging in quality, thickness and properties, we also stock mother rolls in several different sizes to ensure prompt delivery in customer-specified dimensions and with least possible waste. Mother rolls are cut to customer-specific widths and lengths in our own cutting division.

We perform all this to minimise costs for our customers.

Our BOPP film is especially well-suited for printing

One of the cornerstones in the production of BOPP film is its valuable printing characteristics. The producer attaches special importance to the way the film reacts to further processing and, with our expert guidance on handling and printing techniques, you are assured a perfect end-product.

In the top menu, you can find information on BOPP film for food packaging, flower wrapping and labels.

Talk to our experts about the potential and benefits of BOPP film.