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Hot Foil & Cold Foil

Hot Foiling

Hot foiling is especially used for decoration. Hot foiling is a technique where a hot stamp die (a printing block) transfers colour, gold or silver from a foil onto a surface to be decorated.

Overview of our foils:

  • Luxor: gold and coloured metal foils.
  • Alufin: silver foils.
  • Colorit: colour pigmented foils.
  • Light Line: holographic foils with many varied designs.
  • Touchwood: foils for the furniture and kitchen industry.
  • Plastic foils: foils for plastic materials.
  • Code foil: foils for date marking etc.

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In-house cutting division – we cut to measure on request

ScandiSales is the only supplier of hot foiling in Scandinavia with its own cutting department. So we can cut and roll in precisely the widths and lengths that you require. So you do not need to adapt your production to standardised measures but can instead rely on us to deliver exactly the dimensions that fit your production process.

Cold Foiling

Cold foiling is the newest technology in the field of graphic decoration of labels, among others. The cold foiling technique is quite simple: The print material is given a UV coat and is then laid together with the cold foil. The UV coat and foil are cured under UV light and the foil is then detached to leave a metallic imprint.

Cold foiling is economical compared to conventional metallic decoration and stands out as being quick to re-set, versatile and suitable for even small production volumes.

The choice of colours is somewhat more limited than our hot foils, but still offers many attractive colours and a small selection of holographic foils.

Below you can see the designations we use for our cold foils:

  • Alufin KPW is our regular glossy silver foil.
  • Alufin KPW OP is our regular glossy silver foil. The foil is overprintable which gives the print colour a metallic effect.
  • Luxor KPW is our regular glossy gold foil and is available in several shades.
  • Luxor KPW OP 220 is our regular glossy gold foil and is only available as overprintable.

In-house cutting division – we cut to measure on request

We are the sole cold foil supplier in Scandinavia with its own cutting division which allows for advantageous cutting options, quick turnarounds and flexible delivery options.

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