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Inks and Coatings for diverse applications

In safe hands

Zeller+Gmelin (ZG) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radiation-curing printing inks and coatings. For the application areas labels, moulded articles, metal printing, commercials, packaging and food packaging (low-migration inks and coatings), we offer a complete range of high quality and advanced printing inks and coatings, which have been proven in practice!

More consumer protection with low-migration UV printing inks

As a manufacturer of low-migration UV inks, Zeller+Gmelin makes a sustainable contribution to the production of legally compliant food packaging and labels that meet all consumer protection requirements.

Food producers are responsible for the safety of the products they place on the market and can be legally prosecuted (Regulation (EC) 178/2002, food safety). The person placing the goods on the market is responsible for packaging (Regulation (EC) 1935/2004).

Migration is the “wandering” or transition of substances from/to food packaging into the filling medium. Low-migration UV printing inks from Zeller+Gmelin prevent substances from passing from the printing inks into the food.



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