ScandiSales suppliers

As an agency, import and trading company, ScandiSales-Polyfa represents a number of leading suppliers in the Danish and Scandinavian markets. These suppliers are carefully selected for quality and service, as ScandiSales only sells the highest quality products and services.

We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers and can therefore guarantee our customers the optimal advice about application and handling of our products.

Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & CO.

KURZ is our largest international supplier of hot and cold foils.
The company has more than 3,800 employees and nine major production facilities distributed in Europe, the United States and Asia. In addition, Kurz has 22 international branch offices and 70 distributors, of whom ScandiSales is a distributor of Kurz in Denmark. Together with Kurz, we offer full-service solutions that match your individual wishes and needs.

KURZ hot foil is used to decorate many different types of products, including packages, greeting cards, electronic products, household products, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, car parts and a lot of other products.

KURZ’s state-of-the-art application technology, magnetic foils, and holograms can ensure Brand Protection and provide increased security in relation to the copying of products. Read more about Brand Protection.

Kurz also offers a wide range of other products, including tools for embossing and special machines. In addition, Kurz has the expertise and the necessary logistical support to meet delivery requirements for film production. Kurz’s customer support is always available and is ready to answer questions.

Read more at www.kurz.de

Zeller + Gmelin A/S

On 1 July 2018, Ubro A/S (which owns ScandiSales) acquired Z+G (Zeller + Gmelin A/S), which specializes in printing inks.

Zeller+Gmelin is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radiation-curing printing inks and coatings. For the application areas labels, moulded articles, metal printing, commercials, packaging and food packaging (low-migration inks and coatings), we offer a complete range of high quality and advanced printing inks and coatings, which have been proven in practice.

Tagleef Industries S.p.A.

Tagleef Industries S.p.A. (formerly Radici Film) is our supplier of OPP films for labels and wrapping of food, flowers, etc.

ScandiSales deals with a wide range of Taghleef Industries products, and we can guarantee that it is OPP film of the highest quality.

Taghleef Industries has production of OPP films both in Italy and Hungary as well as production in the Middle East and Australia.

Read more about Taghleef Industries at www.ti-films.com

Munksjö Paper AB

Munksjö Paper AB is a Swedish niche producer of various types of processed paper and foil: decor paper for the furniture and home industry, electrotechnical paper for eg. insulation of cables, flexible packaging, etc.

ScandiSales has the agency in Denmark at Munksjö Paper AB’s Spantex series for the furniture and housing industry as described on our product pages.

All products in the Spantex range are manufactured at Munksjö Paper AB’s factory in Billingsfors, and are manufactured from wood fiber from the forests in the local area.

Read more about Munksjö Paper AB at www.munksjo.com

RDM Test Equipment

Manufactures equipment for testing the durability of flexible packaging, etc.

– Heat seal
– Seal strength

Read more about RDM Test Equipment at www.rdmtest.com