EURALUX O0831 Coldfoil Adhesive

EURALUX O0831 Coldfoil Adhesive

With the EURALUX O0831 Coldfoil Adhesive we present a conventional drying adhesive, especially for printing of labels and packaging in offset- or letterpress printing. EURALUX O0831 is grey dyed and suitable for sensory demanding non-food applications (Robinson Test).


Technical Information

Product Details

Technical Data
Drying/Curing Conventional Oil Based
Substrate Paper Uncoated – Paper Coated
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed – Offset Web-Fed – Letterpress
Press Performance Sharply Printed Edges – Good Ink-Water-Balance
Surface Properties Cured Ink Low Odour – Tinted
Application Brochures – Folded Box – Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Non-Food
Market Commercials – Packaging – Labels