TORACUR W71 Ink Series

TORACUR W71 Ink Series

With the TORACUR W71 Ink Series we present a low-migration series for waterless offset printing. It is suitable the use on food packaging as well as for non-food applications and allows high-quality picture prints, e.g. for labels or special applications such as customer loyalty cards and mousepads.


Technical Information

Product Details

Technical Data
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Film – Paper Plastic Coated – Paper Metalized – Paper Coated – Paper Uncoated
Printing Process Waterless Offset
Formulation Low Migration – VOC-free
Press Performance Wide temperature range (22°-30°C, depending on motive) – Low increase of tonal value
Surface Properties Adhesion Optimized
Further Processing Overvarnishing – Thermal Transfer – Thermal Direct
Application Folded Box – Flexible Packaging – Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Food – Cosmetics – Pharmaceuticals
Market Packaging – Labels
Available Systems 4 Colour Process – PSO Process Colours – PANTONE® Base Colours – Z Base Colours
Mixing Lists Basis PANTONE® Base Colours – Z Base Colours