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UVACURID® PrimeCup C81 Ink Series

UVACURID® PrimeCup C81 Ink Series

With the UVACURID® PrimeCup C81 Ink Series we present a low-migration series, especially for printing of packaging for food in UV container decoration (also refferred to as dry-offset or indirect letterpress).

The ink series is suitable for maximum press speed and stands out with its very good tape- and scratchresistance as well as very low dot gain. Because of its smooth and even distribution in the duct the UVACURID® PrimeCup C81 Ink Series shows a very good printability.

Compared to our hitherto standard series UVACURID® C71 we were able with the new UVACURID® PrimeCup C81 Ink Series to increase the performance of our inks even further. Adhesion and curing reach highest levels. Because of the outstanding rheological properties the inks lie very even and smooth on the substrate and show very low misting even at high press speed.


Technical Information

Product Details

Technical Data
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Film
Printing Process Indirect Letterpress
Formulation Low Migration – VOC-free
Press Performance Low Misting
Surface Properties Glossy – Adhesion Optimized
Application Cups / Buckets
End Application Food
Market Plastic Containers
Available Systems Z Base Colours
Mixing Lists Basis Z Base Colours