UVACURID® T81-P871 LM Gold

UVACURID® T81-P871 LM Gold

With the UVACURID® T81-P871 LM Gold we present a low-migration monocomponent gold, especially for UV container decoration (also refferred to as dry-offset or indirect letterpress).

The ink is suitable for overvarnishing and designed for plastic tubes, plastic capsules and other preformed containers which are overvarnished. It has excellent resistances against different fillings.


Technical Information

Product Details

Technical Data
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Film
Printing Process Indirect Letterpress
Formulation Low Migration – VOC-free
Surface Properties Glossy – Adhesion Optimized
Application Preformed Tubes – Cups / Buckets
End Application Food – Cosmetics – Pharmaceuticals
Market Plastic Containers