UVALUX® UL-7G200 Lacquer

UVALUX® UL-7G200 Lacquer

With the UVALUX® UL-7G200 Lacquer we present a high gloss lacquer, especially for spot lacquering of brochures, labels and packaging for non-food applications. UVALUX® UL-7G200 stands out with its very good misting behaviour, also at high press speed. Due to its low ink diving it is also suitable for uncoated paper.


Technical Information

Product Details

Technical Data
Viscosity 60-80 Pas (20°C)
Solids Content 100 %
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Paper Uncoated – Paper Coated – Paper Plastic Coated – Film
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed – Offset Web-Fed – Letterpress
Press Performance Low Misting – Sharply Printed Edges
Surface Properties Glossy – Good Slip
Application Brochures – Folded Box – Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Non-Food
Market Commercials – Packaging – Labels